Holistic Care, Nutrition and Second Opinions for Your Dog & Cat

19 11 2008

The Holistic Approach or Integrative Medicine or Complementary Medicine considers the whole animal, not just the physical signs. The patient’s physical and mental well-being as well as diet, exercise, life-style and environmental influences are all important considerations. The aim is to allow the patient’s body to heal itself and not just to use drugs to cover up the signs.  Therapies include the medical approaches or modalities of nutrition, supplements, herbal remedies, conventional western medicine, behavior modification and immune system support. We endorse and refer patients for physiotherapy, acupuncture, chiropractic adjustment, massage, homeopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Dr. Lea Stogdale or Dr. Kris Dyck listens to you, your pet’s care giver. We listen to you telling your pet’s story, to your observations, to your concerns including emotional, physical and financial, and to your hopes for your pet. We evaluate all previous blood and urine tests, X-rays and other examination findings. Our approach is: First, Do No Harm. Second, maintain quality of life without pain. And third, owner enjoyment of their pet for as long as possible. This also implies only those vet visits, tests and interventions that improve life by changing what we are doing for your dog or cat (medicine of high quality that is effective). In complex or difficult cases we consult with each other and with other colleagues. We keep up-to-date by reading veterinary scientific and holistic journals and annually attending conferences.

As each patient is unique, Dr. Stogdale or Dr. Dyck approaches each pet as an individual. Holistic medicine emphasizes health, normal activities and disease prevention. We emphasize nutrition while integrating elements from conventional and complementary medicine to enhance each other. This increases the pet’s overall health and normal life style.

Many owners prefer to feed their dog or cat a home made diet, and some pets do much better on home prepared food. We recommend that all pet diets be complete and balanced, and optimized for each individual dog or cat. We do nutritional consultations for home prepared diets, raw diets, cooked diets, commercial raw pet food and combinations. We take into consideration the breed, activity, medical issues and owner preferences. Nutrition is an essential component of our holistic approach.

At Aesops, our approach is:

  • we listen to your concerns and consider them seriously;
  • we collect all the information available including your observations about your pet, your pet’s medical history, and physical findings from the examination;
  • we assess the problems and inform you of the various options for managing your pet’s issues. We will tell you our opinion, experience and recommendations;
  • we encourage you to take the time and family discussions that you need in order to reach the decision you are most comfortable with;
  • we respect and follow your decisions;
  • we empower owners in the management and care of their pets. You are the daily friend, observer and care-giver of your pet. You know your dog or cat best. We are here to support you.

In holistic consultations, Aesops’ veterinarians offer vitamin and supplement advice, therapeutic nutrition including home-made diets, vaccinations as indicated (preferably using blood titre levels), and natural supplements.

Aesops Services

Family pet health care for dogs and cats
Second opinion consultations
Holistic consultations including supplements
Nutritional therapy and customized diets
Telephone consultations
Acupuncture and Physiotherapy by referral

Please see our What’s New page for Aesops’ current schedule and additional information.

Please go to Client Info for the latest pet medical information available.  We regularly add the latest dog and cat health care news and research results that are relevant to our pets.

Aesops Policies

  • Professional fees are based on time including for advice over the phone.
  • Payment is required at the time of service by cash, debit or credit card.
  • Dr. Dyck works Monday to Thursday, starting appointments at 10 am and finishing at 6 pm.
  • Dr. Stogdale works on Monday and Thursday, starting appointments at 10 am and finishing at 6 pm.
  • Please phone (204) 487-4744 for inquiries about our services or to schedule an appointment. Your calls will be answered by one of the St Vital Veterinary Hospital receptionists who will either book your appointment, answer your questions, or take your message for Dr. Stogdale or Dr. Dyck. After hours, you can leave a message and your call will be returned during the next work day.
  • We prefer to speak to clients at appointments or over the phone rather than by email. To ensure your message reaches Dr. Dyck or Dr. Stogdale in a timely manner, please phone and speak to a receptionist.
  • Professional responsibility and the CVMA and MVMA require that prescriptions may only be provided when there is a valid and current veterinarian-client-patient relationship. This means that Dr. Stogdale or Dr. Dyck needs to have seen you and your pet within twelve months in order to prescribe or dispense medications, or to give medical advice.
  • Requests for prescription refills or renewals require 2 days’ advance notice (details here).


Dr. Stogdale’s charges are compatible with her specialty knowledge, experience, insight and integrative approach. She is very thorough. She incorporates a critical viewpoint, scientific evidence, the holistic approach, and nutrition into every consultation. A little bit of humour too.

Dr. Stogdale’s prices are based on time and are pro rated for more or less than the scheduled appointment duration:

  • Aesops client half hour consultation — $120
  • Second opinion, holistic, nutritional one hour consultation — $255

Dr. Dyck’s price is based on time and is pro rated for more or less than the scheduled appointment duration:

  • Aesops client half hour consultation — $95
  • Integrative, holistic, nutritional one hour consultation — $180

Dr. Lea Stogdale DVM, Diplomate ACVIM

Lea graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Melbourne, Australia in 1970. Lea worked in general practice in Australia and England before teaching veterinary medicine in South Africa and Saskatoon for eight years.

Lea 2017 NVLea passed the veterinary small animal internal medicine specialty board exams in 1981 to become a Diplomate in the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine. In Winnipeg, she has worked in emergency and pet practice for 30 years. Lea has taken a special interest in holistic and complementary medicine, nutrition, endocrinology including diabetes and thyroid problems, and non-chemo approaches to cancer care.

Dr. Stogdale is an active member of various organizations:
American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM)

American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association (AHVMA)
Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA)
Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association (MVMA).

She is also a  contributing editor for the Journal of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association.

She is a consultant for the local pet food company Perfectly Raw, which produces grain-free raw frozen diets for dogs and cats. These diets are complete and balanced, and affordable.

Lea enjoys and cares for her clients and patients. Her interests also include her friends, her feline companions, CBC Radio, reading, writing, listening to podcasts, walking, and travel. She loves living in Winnipeg, enjoying the cultural variety here. She is an active supporter of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, Camerata Nova (Dead of Winter), Siloam Mission and the education fund at Winnipeg Foundation. Lea is actively involved in her neighbourhood associations, being on the board of directors for both the Norwood Community Centre and Norwood Flats Residents Association.

Dr. Kris Dyck, DVM

Kris profile May 2018Kris graduated from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Saskatchewan, in 1998. She worked as a mixed animal practitioner for 14 years in Manitoba, first in Notre Dame de Lourdes and then in Beausejour. In 2012, she decided to focus on small animals and started working in Winnipeg. She has gained much experience in the area of geriatric medicine, including kidney disease, hyperthyroidism, and diabetes, and has a special interest in dental health. During these years she often discussed cases with Dr Stogdale.

Kris lives outside Winnipeg with her husband and three school-age daughters. They all enjoy and participate in music, both instrument and vocal, and can often be found at Folk Festival or Rainbow Stage. They love spending time outdoors, canoeing or skiing.



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