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These supplements have beneficial effects in general and for specific health conditions. We recommend that your pet be under veterinary care and that a specific diagnosis be reached prior to therapy.
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Multi Vitamin Mineral tablets for dogs: Canine Plus
Balanced and complete vitamin and mineral supplement that most dogs love as treats or mixed with their meals.
Multi Vitamin Mineral Anti-oxidant tablets for dogs: Canine Plus Senior
Balanced and complete vitamin and mineral supplement with several anti-oxidants that dogs readily accept mixed with their meals.
Multi Vitamin Mineral tablets for cats: Nu Cat and Nu Cat liquid
Balanced and complete vitamin and mineral supplement that most cats love as treats or mixed with their meals. Aesops now has in Nu Cat Liquid which most cats love. It can be used either as a vitamin-mineral-taurine supplement or as a flavour-enhancer for food.

Digestive enzyme powder including animal and plant digestive enzymes with the good intestinal bacteria. Prozyme is an enzyme supplement that may be helpful for pets with immune and digestive disorders, poor coats, excessive shedding, skin problems, joint difficulties, weight problems, allergies, lethargy, bloating, flatulence, and hairballs.

Flavour Enhancer for Cats and Dogs: Nu-Cat Liquid
Balanced and complete vitamin and mineral supplement that can be added on top of canned cat food or mixed into the food. Most cats love the taste and will eat more of their food when Nu-Cat Liquid has been added. This is very useful for picky eaters or cats with reduced appetites due to kidney disease or other problems. As a bonus, it contains a balanced mixture of vitamins, minerals and taurine. This is also useful for fussy dogs.

Products categorized by therapeutic action:

Antioxidants: Cell Advance 880
As each capsule contains 22 anti-oxidants including vitamins, trace minerals, amino acids, quercetin and coenzyme Q 10, this is an easy way to provided your pet with a high level of anti-oxidants.

Cardiac Support: Cardio-Strength
This supports heart muscle health and function especially when there is a leaking heart valve.

Connective tissue and spine support: Vetri-Disc
This improves the structure of the spinal disks especially providing sulfur in a usable form.

Digestive System Support: Acetylator
The bowel is the largest immune organ of the body and is susceptible to damage by all manner of food types. This combination, in conjunction with Prozyme, improves intestinal health and function.

Joint Support (ie. arthritis, joint pain, back pain, chronic limping): Permaflex 600 or Vetri CMO
This contains nutrients for joints in a form that is well absorbed in dogs.

Kidney Support:  Renal Essentials for Cats or Renal Essentials for Dogs
These contain various anti-oxidants, vitamins and omega 3s that assist the kidneys to reduce ongoing damage and function better. Aesops now has Renal Essentials Feline Bite-Sized Chews for our fussy senior cats.

Dental health for cats: Peri Plus Feline Bites to assist in teeth and gum health. They have two layers and most cats love to crunch them.



Homeopathy is a system of medicine based on the principle of “like cures like”. Using carefully selected dilute preparations called Remedies, homeopathy stimulates the body to strengthen and heal itself. The Remedies are made from natural sources. They are selected according to the whole symptom picture of the patient including physical and emotional states. Homeopathy is effective for acute problems such as injuries as well as chronic complaints.

It is important to have a consultation with someone trained in veterinary homeopathy to realize the full benefit of homeopathic treatment. The disease course is much different in our pets than it is in people. Someone trained to practice homeopathy who is not a veterinarian or doesn’t have training in veterinary homeopathy may potentially cause harm to your pet.

Veterinary homeopathy is available from a local veterinarian. Dr Susan Hore offers phone consultations: Ph 1-204-573-7656. She requires your veterinarian to fax copies of your pet’s medical record to her office.

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Useful Website Links

The web sites listed in this section provide a variety of views, opinions and recommendations. While we don’t necessarily agree with all of the opinions or approaches, many are similar to ours.

It is our recommendation that you consult with a veterinarian before switching your pet to a home-prepared diet or supplement regime.If your pet has health issues any changes should be made under the supervision of a veterinarian.

Dog Training

The Gold Lead
Paws Dog Solutions

New Classification and Therapy for Kidney Disease in Dogs and Cats. This is the official website for the International Renal Interest Society. This is the group of specialist veterinarians that sub-specialize in kidney diseases in dogs and cats. Hence this website is fairly complex and technical but it is the basis upon which we now classify kidney diseases and also how we now manage the patients.

Feeding Cats for Health and Longevity. “Dr Lisa Pierson’s excellent website on Feeding Your Cat” and “Dr Deb Zoran’s seminal article on Nutrition in Cats” explain why cats should be fed meat diets (raw, cooked or canned) and not carbohydrate-containing dry cat food.

Kidney Disease in Cats. “Tanya’s Comprehensive Guide to Feline Chronic Kidney Disease” and “Feline CRF Information Center” contain lots and lots and lots of information. The explanations are clear and most of the statements are correct.

Diabetic Cat Management and Recovery
We are starting to use a different insulin in cats that is reliably absorbed, long acting and giving better results – more recoveries or better stabilization with lower doses. This insulin is sold as Levemir. Information about the use of Levemir in cats is available at ‘petdiabetes.’

“Tilly’s” homepage — a nice fuzzy-warm story about a cat who recovered from her diabetes with the help of the correct diet, Lantus insulin and advice from Dr Lea Stogdale (the Canadian vet mentioned), plus some (relatively) compact advice.

Complementary Veterinary Medicine The Veterinary Institute of Integrative Medicine

American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine
Canadian Veterinary Medical Association
Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association
St Vital Veterinary Hospital

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